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Dated: 11/18/2013

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Soooo there's been a lot of buzz lately in the Phoenix area about this whole street of dreams project in Gilbert. There are 5 spec homes that are part of a tour benefiting a women's shelter in the East Valley. These homes were built to appeal to people's imaginations, hence the name "Street of Dreams". They were not afraid to offend, excite, or enthrall the viewing public. No Earth tone matching walls and floors were found here! The homes are mostly listed around 2 million with one already sold for 2.45 million.

The first house we saw was an over the top Tuscan. I have to let you know this was my least favorite and I was disappointed thinking all of the homes would be done in this manner. Yes there was some very fine craftsmanship and details through out the home but it's just not my style.
The next home was very modern from the front elevation. Lots of straight lines and matte aluminum trimmed windows meeting at the corners... I just love those! The kitchen in this house was my favorite of the tour. All of the cabinets and trim were covered in walnut horizontally book-matched from floor to ceiling.  
The third home was a well done Spanish territorial. It had lots of great finishes including exposed wood beams, patterned saltillo floors, smooth white walls, natural clay brick and tons of outdoor seating areas. It was somewhat forgetful and therefore not near the top of my list.
The fourth was probably my favorite over all. I was unsure what I would find inside. The front elevation was very subdued but still very well done. When you walked through the giant glass pained front door there was a very dramatic chandelier coming all the way down to the floor from the ceiling. This house had some really outrageous design features which were all very cool and exciting to me. I could see that some of the other people on the tour probably hated it just as much as I loved it!
The final home was pretty amazing. Done in a modern French country style it looks like a castle from the front. The home had some features not normally seen. These included an indoor aviary, a private dance studio, an indoor shooting range, a rotating car display in the garage, and a fountain which spilled over from a negative edge pool into a basin near a seating area below. This is the home which had already sold. The thing that I liked the least was an audio visual salesman just kept on popping up unnecessarily and turning up the volume of the music in every room we entered through out the house. It was so annoying! 
All in all it was a great experience. My client Howard Moss of Vista Butte Properties invited my wife and I to go with some of his family and I really enjoyed getting to know them better as well. The tour is open Wednesday through Sunday 10am-6pm. I highly recommend you go and check it out for yourself. It was kind of like watching the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" in person, or for the younger generation an episode of "Cribs". Are you looking for the home of your dreams?? Call me now to make those dreams come true!
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