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Dated: 11/05/2013

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 I found this property while I was just recently helping one of my clients try to find his next home. As I was looking at the pictures and description it definitely stood out, but not until I was able to experience it myself was I truly able to appreciate it. My favorite types of homes found in Arizona are the Historic Craftsmans, Tudors, and Bungalows in downtown Phoenix and the Mid Century Modern and Ranch Style homes found all through out the valley.
 I have found it very hard to understand the appeal that tracked homes with $250 per month hoa's have to offer. After buying an older home I get it. New is Good... Usually the public schools are better and you don't have to spend all of your free time making sure it's not falling apart. Basically you get your life back but for me it's a labor of love and for the time being I enjoy it.
 Having experienced the monotony of the stuccoed new homes found in most developments, I was totally biased against anything Southwestern or anything even close to it. I remember going to my friends houses as a child and seeing their mom's extensive kokopelli doll and dream catcher collections. I still shudder a little when I see the white washed maple cabinets and I can pick them out right away when someone has just painted over them. You're not hiding anything, I still know what's underneath!
 But, There it was... This house. Oh how much I loved it. It shattered everything I had come to know as being southwest and made it cool. This patio home was built in the 1980's Right off Glendale and the 51. It has a carved wooden front gate and once opened, you are greeted by a courtyard with a blue pebble finish pool. Vines climbed the walls and columns. Floor to ceiling windows looking out upon it and I could already picture myself inside the home relaxing and gazing at the wonder that was before me. I stepped through the front door and saw this! Large exposed wooden beams, a white painted brick column, decorative saltillo floors and furnishings that seemed to just fall into place. Not only did the courtyard have wrap around porches but the exterior did as well. Every corner I turned it felt as though I was on an adventure and couldn't wait to see what the next room would hold.
 It probably happens a lot more than I'd like to admit but I was wrong... This southwestern style home was cool, way cool. While I was in it I couldn't picture myself ever wanting to live anywhere else and couldn't understand why anyone else would want to either.
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Aaron Carlson

As a Realtor I am so blessed to be doing what I love. I will treat your home search as though it were my own and work tirelessly to see that you have access to the newest and best properties available....

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