Listen To What The Market Is Telling You

Dated: 06/25/2014

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A successful home sale balances the need for a reasonably quick sale with the desire to maximize the sale price. Your agent needs to make sure the home looks great in-person and online and also needs to maximize the marketing exposure of the home, but price is often the most important driver of getting a home sold. Offers aren't going to magically appear when the asking price is off by a significant amount.When you've been on the market for awhile without any offers, the market is sending you a message.  There are many factors involved, are you priced to high? Does your house need updates compared to like homes on the market? If you are getting plenty of showings and no offers, chances are they don't like your price. This is even more clear if your neighbors are selling and you're not. Try to be objective and listen to outside advise when your home isn't selling. Reaching for "just a little more" to leave room to negotiate can be a recipe for a lengthy and painful sale.
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