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Haunted Porch Or Inviting Entry

Dated: 09/22/2014

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  As we all know, our opinions start to gather about a property the moment we turn onto a street. If it's lined with cars, we start to question parking. If the asphalt is cracking, we notice the aging; and the biggest thing that pops up, what about the landscape care and driveway????  But have you thought of incorporating your front entryway to have equally the same importance??? 
   As an agent, I see it all the time. We pull up to a nice neighborhood, the yard looks nice and everything appears presentable, but that all changes when the client walks through a small web while approaching the front door! The slightest miss, and your potential buyer is ready to bolt from the Spider fright she encountered before seeing what could have been her perfect dream home. The kitchen could be perfect, and the granite counters exactly the shade she wanted, but all she's looking for is that spider sneaking around!
  For this reason, I felt it very important to share these front porch tips included in Andrea Davis' article attached below. Use the doorway as an interest grabber instead of introducing them to their "Haunted Porch"! 


Written by Andrea Davis on Thursday, 18 September 2014 1:13 pm
Photo courtesy of Julie Lucero DesignAs potential buyers walk up to your home, the front porch should appear welcoming, entrancing and homey. If it's dusty, barren and rotted, they may not make an offer. Thus, the best way to increase front porch appeal is to add natural elements to blend it with the yard. Here are front porch landscaping tips to make yours comfortable and welcoming to prospective homebuyers:
#1 Outdoor Potted Plants
Potted plants are a great way to enhance the porch decor and accent your entryway as a whole. It's important to give them tender loving care and use plant types that can handle shade, or else they will dry out and wither. Look for perennials and annuals that are drought-resistant and require little maintenance. You might consider putting urns with plants on your steps or around the exterior to draw in visitors.
#2 Comfortable Furniture
Another entrancing view is to install comfortable furniture on your front porch. Depending on the square footage, you can arrange a space with a loveseat, ottoman, coffee table and a rocking chair or other single seating space. It will be like an outdoor living room for people to relax in during warm days or cool nights. To complete the space you might add:
  • An outdoor rug to make it stylish
  • Outdoor pillows to go on the couch or loveseat
  • Outdoor art like statues, paintings or wind chimes
  • Curtains to go around the exterior window frames

Outdoor swing – Photo courtesy of Artificial Grass Inc.
#3 Porch Swing
One of the most reminiscent and picturesque pieces of front porch decor is a swing. It's relaxing and comfortable for viewing scenery or resting in the afternoon. There are various types of swings, including standing and hanging ones, to choose from. Swings can be made from wood or metal materials, with different colored cushions to match the rest of the decor or the home exterior. You can choose to have one installed professionally by a handyman or do it as a DIY project. It is essential to your porch decor, whether it's the only furniture you install or part of a complete set.

#4 Reinvigorate the front door
Regardless of what you do with the front porch, the front door also has to look and sound inviting to potential buyers. If the door is creaking and makes a jarring sound, you can have it repaired for a low cost. If the paint is peeling off and represents a visual eyesore, it will detract from appeal. In this case, you should consider hiring a professional to repaint the door a bright color. Other ideas to consider are adding new house numbers and installing a door knocker or doorbell. This will complete the appeal of the front porch and makes the entryway ready for buyer walkthroughs.
Photos courtesy of DesignMine Andrea Davis is the editor for HomeAdvisor, which helps homeowners find home improvement professionals in their area at no charge to ensure the best service in the shortest amount of time.
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