Awesome New Arizona Real Estate Search App

Dated: 11/05/2013

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Have you seen the hottest new Real Estate App for Itunes and Google Play?  This one will give Zillow and Trulia a run for their money!!  One of many unique features is that you can map out areas of high foreclosures, short sales, walkability, recent reductions and other specifics with a click of a button.  They use a "heat map" to highlight, say foreclosures, in the background of all of the active listing locations (just like the pic).  Tired of the listings on other sites being "unavailable" when you finally get a hold of someone?  This App is updated a few times a day from the local MLS to give you accurate info.  Plus, you can be in contact with a real person instantaneously by chat or text!!  As you drive down the road, you can see all of the available properties in real time.  Whether you are looking to buy or rent check it out for yourself.  It's FREE!!  To have the App sent directly to your mobile device, text stuart to 480-725-1523 right now.  Find the perfect place to call home, today! 
Written by Stuart Turner -REALTOR with Stradlance Properties

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Aaron Stradling

Aaron Stradling is a native of Arizona. Having been born and raised in the valley, Aaron knows what is unique and special about the area. His background in real estate began at an early age with his f....

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